Seed 2 Roots is a legal and policy consulting enterprise led by attorneys Mary Marrow and Natasha Frost. Together, Mary and Natasha have nearly 50 years of public interest legal experience. They live in Minnesota.


Seed 2 Roots helps support a community vision in the context of existing policy and systems and identify seeds of change to establish strong roots to grow just, equitable communities.


We work in partnership with community members, coalitions, governmental entities, and organizations to provide legal technical assistance.


Legal technical assistance provided by Seed 2 Roots includes:

Support for policy solutions to advance community health using a

social determinants of health framework through an equity lens;

Legal and policy research to assess state and local laws and policies

that impact community public health priorities;

Identifying strengths, gaps, and opportunities in existing laws and

policies to make progress in specific community health needs;

Trainings and workshops;

Reviewing draft policies to provide feedback and suggested changes

to strengthen community efforts; and

Making connections with communities and partners working on

similar initiatives in Kansas, Minnesota, and nationally.

Seed 2 Roots does not provide legal advice and does not enter into attorney-client relationships.

Contact us via email: [email protected]

Contact us by phone: 1-507-550-2250